Kuliaaaah agaaain


Mulai juga ne kuliah.

Tapi bener deh lieur. perwalian online, bikin lieur, pilih kelas yang mana, bikin lieur, mana gw salah daftar kelas pula.. kacaw be ge te deh.. mesti pe er es pula jadinya. Heuu heuuu. Tapi gapapa, dengan semangat dan keteguhan hati ku yakin bisa melalui perkuliahan ini dengan lebih baik lagi..

Hmm, continuing from my last post about installing arch linux on my laptop. Ive installed the whole system, the wireless part was easy actually, only needed to download the tarball for broadcom-wl and then do makepkg to compile them. After that it’s only a matter of starting wpa_supplicant with the correct config. Ive managed to set netcfg to start wireless on boot using the example config, i pointed netcfg to use my wpa_supplicant.conf. The only trouble i have is when I use this laptop in a net cafe somewhere. I use wifi-select to create a new profile, and then append DHCLIENT=yes to the profile (later, I will edit the script so it adds the line automatically) and run it manually using netcfg $PROFILE (might not be needed once i add DHCLIENT=yes to the default profile made by wifi-select). And then commenting a few entry in etc/resolv.conf, since Ive set up a dnsmasq for dns caching using my ISP dns server.

Awesome was pretty easy to install,I only needed to set the volume widget, copying from awesome wiki, and changin the key binding syntax to awesome 3.3 syntax. The only thing quite confusing was how to set the wallpaper. Apparently awsetbg needed feh (or other program to set the bg). Everything was working quite smooth actually. Including dual screen with xrandr.

My application choices is firefox for browsing,

mpd+ncmpc for music playing.

geeqie + comix + feh +imagemagick for image viewing depend on the image

Im using pidgin for IM and weechat for IRC.

I used to use screen in ubuntu (using byobu / screen-profile). But I rarely use it here in arch, I could always adds a new term on another tag, so I didnt have a need for it yet.

The term im using is urxvt-256colors, using a zenburn scheme i got from the forums, edited to add ‘fake’ transparency.

Last thing I did was installing fish, I have only read about it, but curiosity got to me. For now I really like it, some conventions are different with bash, so most of my scripts still use bash or sh, but for my general use im using fish. I did not change my shell into fish though, it’s still bash. I run urxvt -e /usr/bin/fish so that urxvt uses fish. Really like its default colorscheme and tab completion, cos I didnt know how to set bash to do what i want.

Hmm, for the next post maybe I’ll add a tutorial on the steps and the configs I use to install arch here.


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